Butchering your own?

The butchering of animals is slowly breaking out of the restaurant kitchen and into the homes of ordinary people again. This trend is the result of changes in our society including a stronger desire to live up to higher moral standards. The focus is shifting back to the quality of the produce and the small producers. People focus more on the sustainability of our food sources and the security of our future.  This has all to do with the economic crisis, the world recession, and our dependence on a daily food supply. The result is people raising their own food supply and this gives us a bigger sense of security and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.  Although most people don’t have the opportunity to raise their own beef and chicken, they all want to be a part of the society that does and mostly they want to know where their food is coming from and how they have been fed and raised. This is where people like farmer Angus form the Spier Biodynamic farm is breaking ground in the  Western Cape area.  New studies have shown that pasture raised beef is higher in omega 3 than grain fed beef and that it is actually beneficial to your health to consume pasture raised red meat.

We would like people to again encourage home butchering, and by doing this you will most certainly be buying that animal locally. This in return supports the local economy and community. By doing this the local businesses will grow and maybe some of that money will come back to you again. If the local businesses grow, there will be more opportunity for the local farmers to produce more sustainable produce for us.

Always keep this in mind when buying your meat.

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