Sausage making

Sausage making is a great art form, and one of my favourite meat working pass times. We are always trying out new things with sausages, because sausages is such a good vehicle to pile on flavours.  All the flavours gets stuffed in and they can`t get out, so get creative. This recipe we did for our gourmet hot dogs in the summer season. The flavours are unique and different and make a good impression, so go out and get the stuffing on…

We use Freddy Hirsch Natural hog casings.

Recipe 1

Yellow curry chicken & Coriander sausage

10 kg chicken thigh meat, skin on

Spices and herb mix

½ cup toasted coriander ground

½ cup toasted cumin ground

2 tbs all spice ground

¼ cup brown sugar

¼ cup salt

¼ cup light miso paste

¼ cup yellow curry paste

2 cups chopped fresh coriander

1 x 340 ml coconut milk

4 tbs black pepper

2 tbs white pepper

Fresh ingredients:

2 cups fine diced yellow pepper

2 cups fine diced red peppers

2 cups fine diced green peppers

2 cups fined diced red onion

1 cup grated fresh ginger

1 cup grated fresh garlic

2 tbs salt and pepper

Finish with 2 cups fresh chopped chives.


Combine all the spice ingredients and refrigerate. Mix through the chicken meat and mince using a fine plate. Always work in cold temperature and make sure that you keep hygienic working conditions. Now saute all the fresh ingredients in a pot till cooked and lightly browned. Refrigerate till cold.  One the fresh peppers mix is cooled, mix in with the fresh chicken mince and refrigerate till cold. Stuff the sausage into medium thick casing and refrigerate.

Once cold the sausage can be cooked in coconut milk or grilled as preferred. The sausage will keep well for two too three days, but I would recommend that you freeze a soon as possible after stuffing.




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