The Real Beef!!!

To really appreciate real beef, you have to come face to face with it in the unprocessed form, the head and tail, the offal and of course the reason why we have all these products, THE WHOLE CARCASS.

Working with real meat is out motive, so we try to have the beef slaughtered our self and then butcher the beef the way we want it. We ordered a free range Jersey form Bernard Maree who has a few free range, hormone free, happy animals grazing on a small pasture outside of Franschhoek. He is slowly getting together his herd to start producing sustainable, CO2 friendly beef. We try to support Bernard`s Beef and also keep our business local.

I had to contain myself not to have the carcass send here earlier. Finally I could not wait any longer and drove to Paarl to fetch the offal so long, because the offal we could process while the carcass is aging and before we have to deal with whole beast.

Offal is broken into two categories: The red offal and the dirty offal.

The red offal contains the head, tongue, hart, liver, lungs, sweet breads etc. whereas the dirty offal refers to the intestines.

The familiar offal we processed for the menu in the restaurant, dishes like: Lightly dusted liver fried in sage and garlic butter served with bacon infused mash, apple brandy and cinnamon jus was one. The hart we cured, smoked and cooked “boere” confit style with rendered lamb fat and herbs. This will later find its way onto a ploughmans platter of some sort.

We also had the head to deal with. The head we roasted whole with BBQ spice, a basic mirepoix, beer and stock for 12 hours at 110 degrees C. The next morning we took all the meat from the head, most of the meat is from the cheek area and very tasty. With the cheeks cooked and chopped we made croquettes and the tongue were salted and boiled. We served the cheek croquettes with the grilled tongue on a salad of fine beans with mustard caramel dressing.

The rest of the dirty offal was evenly divided between the kitchen staff who was very happy, because the intestines are highly priced in their culture.

And now let the planning begin for the whole beast…



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