Smoked Jowl

Working with a whole pig was a bit challenging, but at the end the rewards were well worth the effort. I really took my time and made sure that the whole pig was utilized and appreciated. I also found that the best bits are often neglected or wasted by the not so adventurous consumers.

I cured and smoked my pigs cheeks and it is probably the the tastiest piece of pork I have ever tasted.

I used a basic dry cure that consisted of equal part sugar & salt, little curing salt, juniper berries and black pepper. The cheeks where salted for 12 hours before I soaked it in cold water for again 12 hours. The cheeks where then cold smoked for 8 hours. I cooked the jowl in a warm oven 200 degrees covered with master stock for about 2 hours. The cheeks were then pressed with some weight and allowed to cool.

Slice and serve cold with mustard.

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  1. Tes & Tony

    Chef Pasch made Tony and I a meal of Head to Trotter Pig and it was one of the most memorable meals we ever had. The care that had gone into each course from cheeks to ears to belly was incredible. I am most definitely going to do this again and best is to give chef free reign on what to prepare! Love love love your restaurant. Tes and Tony (from Johannesburg)

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