Game fish poke

Poke is traditionally a Hawaiian style fish salad. Many cuisines have adapted this for their palates. I know it is not MEAT, but this needs a mention as all meat lovers will find game fish a great alternative to meat. I use anything from Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail (Hamachi) or Dorado (Mahi Mahi). Swordfish can also work well.

For the poke you will need the following;


Serves: 2

1 cup 5mm cubed fresh game fish

1 tbs light soy sauce

1 tbs Japanese furikaki spice (follow this link for the recipe)

1 tbs finely sliced green onions

1 tbs finely chopped red onions

1 tsp finely chopped jalapeño

1 tbs olive oil

¼ cup peeled seeded and 5mm diced cucumber

Juice of 1 lime

Pinch of wasabi

Sea salt to taste


Combine all the ingredient in a mixing bowl and mix well to combine. Make sure not to over mix, you want to keep the texture of the ingredients visible and vibrant. Season and set aside.

You can serve this in a bowl on the table as a salad or make individual portions by moulding the poke on your plate. Whichever way you decide to go, I find that serving the poke with a garnish of dressed julienne red cabbage, a type of tropical fruit like pineapple or mango and sushi rice or a crispy wonton skins, rounds this dish off perfectly.

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