Growing up in a food loving family, it was always on the cards that someone will end up in the food industry. Well that just happened to be me. From a young age my mother enticed us with new ingredients, flavours and recipes. Cookbooks from her travels were studied, and cooked from front to back and more.

That was probably the reason that I want to cook a new dish every day. In my later years (not that much later but later none the less) it became a problem at my restaurant. It is just impossible to change all the dishes on the menu every day. The kitchen team became confused, my wife and business partner were always upset, “the waiters can`t learn a new dish in 15 minutes before service, she said”. Well at the end I conformed to the normal and kept the menus the same for at least three months at a time.

So, I started in 2012 with the WE EAT MEAT blog, not really  knowing what to do with it, all I knew was that I wanted to have a platform where I can write recipes, create new dishes and live out my passion for meat. This didn’t work out as planned as an ever-changing menu at our restaurant occupied most of my time. At the end of 2016 I accepted that we must apply some changes on my menu ideas and the menu became a 3-month rolling menu with dishes that we have done in the past. This changed the whole dynamic of our kitchen. Soon the kitchen ran smooth on every service, they were happy! The waiters knew the menu, my wife was happy! The menu changed every three months, I was happy!

With more free time on my hands, I turned back to my blog.  I needed to work on new recipes, ideas and the WE EAT MEAT blog came to mind again. This time it will be a combined effort from myself and my wife.

I hope to invite you all, and share with you our journey in the food industry, from my childhood memories, training, time spend in some of the busiest kitchens in the Western Cape, running my own restaurant and writing about my passion – MEAT.

Happy cooking,

Pasch du Plooy






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