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Rump steak

SA’s favourite beef cut: The rump steak

The flavour and texture of a beef cut are largely determined by the part of the animal it was cut, it also makes a big difference as to how it should be cooked and for what kinds of dishes it is most suitable. For example, the rump steak is possibly the most popular cut of steak in South Africa, because it is a juicy and tasty cut.

The rump cut has a grainier texture than all the other cuts of beef and it is the toughest of the primal cuts. This is because it is a working muscle; however it makes up for these ‘shortfalls’ by being particularly flavoursome.

The outer layer of fat of the rump helps to make the rump cut one of the juiciest and tastiest steaks, and a well aged and prepared rump steak gives an exquisite experience. It is no wonder that so many rump steaks fly off the shelves in South Africa!

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