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The hero of pork dishes: Pork Crackling

Ask anyone who loves their pork roasts if it would be the same if there were no crackling to accompany it. The answer will be a resounding ‘No’. Crackling is the flavoursome hero of the dish, especially when it has that satisfyingly bold crunch.

The trick is to get it right, because (if you’ve tried this before and failed, then this will sound familiar) it is easy to overcook and burn the crackling or undercook it and lose out on the crackle.

Since there is just no point in having pork if there is no crackling, we thought we would share a few tips of how to make the perfect crackling the next time your in-laws are over and you need to make a good impression.

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 For the dry aged eland fillet you will need

1 x 180g eland fillet portion

2 x cloves garlic fresh, crushed

2 x bay leaves

4 leaves sage

4 knobs of butter


For the curried pork and venison brawn you will need

6 Pig’s trotters

1 Whole springbok neck

1 Yellow onion, Quartered

2 Carrots, Diced

4 Whole cloves

6 Black pepper corns

12 Allspice berries

4 tablespoons Fresh coriander, finely chopped

Salt and pepper for seasoning

1 x recipe curry paste see below


For the curry paste you will need:

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Smoked Jowl

Working with a whole pig was a bit challenging, but at the end the rewards were well worth the effort. I really took my time and made sure that the whole pig was utilized and appreciated. I also found that the best bits are often neglected or wasted by the not so adventurous consumers.

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Breaking down a pig: Part 1

Breaking Down a pig, Part 1: The head

With the meat prices rising and beef and lamb prices going through the roof, I had to look elsewhere for speciality meat cuts for our menu. As always I had to turn back to the underdog of the meat industry. Pork. For home use I will suggest to try and find a smaller size pig, between 35 & 40 kg will be manageable.

South Africa has some of the best pork and we really need to dig our teeth into this advantage. Here it our way of breaking down a porker into easy cuts for the everyday consumer. We will also share some easy recipes and cooking method for the cuts.

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Proper Dry Cured Bacon?

Just a follow-up on our cold smoked bacon post last week

Like I said before, I had obsession with bacon for about two years, and this quest for PROPER BACON, made me look closer at the stuff that you buy in supermarkets. Cooking normal bacon not proper bacon; you know, “bacon produce by passion for the product and with patience” there was always white liquid in the pan. This triggered me to start looking at the ingredients used in the process of making it.

This is what I found listed on their declaration of ingredients:

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Cold Smoked Belly Bacon

Making Bacon

Bacon is essential in the kitchen; a small piece of bacon imparts a lot of flavour. This is why using poor quality bacon is never an option. I have tried bacon from all the normal shops even from my butcher but in the end it all tastes the same. With some of the big brands of bacon you really have to imagine the smoky taste, because there is none.

A lot people haven’t had the privilege to taste proper cured and smoked bacon, and decided we will try to improve the quality that we use, and make a difference, one plate at a time.

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Pasch’s Pancetta

Pancetta is Italian bacon. It is pork belly meat that is salt cured, seasoned with such spices as nutmeg, fennel, peppercorns, dried ground hot peppers and garlic, then dried for at least three months