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Tired of roasts? Gammon makes a wonderful alternative!

A gammon is a wonderfully succulent joint of meat that is always a crowd-pleaser, and it isn’t just for Christmas, as it makes a great alternative to a roast. With so many ways to cook gammon you will never run out of ideas. As a salty meat it is well complimented by sweet glazes and fruit such as cherries, pear, pineapple or apple puree. Read more…

Springbok sausage spice mix

I use this mostly for venison sausages its best with springbok but any lean venison will do.

Springbok sausage spice mix for 10 kg meat block
5 g cloves
30 g crushed coriander seeds
5 g ground mace
5g ground nutmeg
20 g sweet paprika
165g fine salt
15 g brown sugar
230 g Worcestershire sauce
20g ground black pepper


Recipe of the Month: Flame grilled Impala sirloin with a caramelized onion and red wine reduction

Take 1 piece of Impala sirloin ( loin ) (about 600g)

Trim down (take silver skin off etc.)

Marinade in equal quantities of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for 6 hours.

Cook over an extremely hot flaming fire for 3 – 4 minutes per side or until it reaches medium rare. Avoid over cooking any venison at all costs. If you like your meat well done – eat chicken. Season the meat with salt and pepper after searing each side.

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Recipe of the month: Spit roasted farmed rabbit

Lemon & Herb Spit Roast Rabbit with a liver, kidney & onion sauce.

Submitted by Theo van der Walt

For the Rabbit

Take one farmed rabbit of about 1.5kg. ( a wild one will work just as good but it is a bit leaner)

Remove the liver and kidneys and place the rabbit in a container.

Marinade it in Knorr lemon & herb marinade. I added additional lemon juice, fresh thyme and sunflower oil (to lift the burning temperature of the marinade).

Marinade the rabbit for 12 – 18 hours in a container in the fridge.

Just before fixing the rabbit to the spit (in the traditional skydiver position), inject the rabbit all over with extra virgin olive oil.

Secure the rabbit to the spit with cable ties (don’t worry, they won’t melt).

Take streaky bacon and place it over the rabbit’s back, front and hind legs and secure the bacon with string.

Spit roast the rabbit over an open fire (medium to high heat) for about 50 minutes or until cooked through. Season as the rabbit is cooking. With regards to doneness – treat it as you would chicken.

Take your golden brown rabbit and cover it loosely with tinfoil and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before carving.

In summer, serve with fresh bread and a crisp salad. In winter, serve with warm vegetables of your choice.

For the kidney & liver sauce

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Deboned Smoked Warthog

De-boned smoked warthog, wrapped in bacon & stuffed with lamb tails, bacon and herbs.

This was done by Gerrit du Plooy at a Vleisfees in Heilbronn Free State. All the preparation was done at home. This is a great example of someone taking the time and effort to prepare something for the love of meat. He planned this spit three weeks in advance. The warthog was brined, smoked and deboned. Then he marinated the hog in a secret beer BBQ sauce that he did not share. The whole warthog was stuffed with a mixture of lamb tail fat, bacon, whole garlic, ginger and spices. He slowly roasted the warthog on the gas spit basing the meat till it was golden brown and delicious.

Cooking method: Gas spit
Marinade: Secret
Basting: Chinese BBQ; recipe will follow
Cooking time: 3:30 hours